Are you the proud owner of a precious pet or horse?
Then we've got good news for you!
Kenmare Veterinary Centre covers all your needs with regards your animals. join us on Facebook for all the latest information and news about our hospital.

We know what you want!
Being owners ourselves we know how it feels to have something wrong with your animal.
On our website you will find all kinds of information about our state of the art facilities and services, but most important of all; we care!

Excellent facilities;

In the purpose built centre you will find excellent facilities including; Examination rooms, a fully equipped small animal surgical theatre, including gas anaesthetic and full monitoring facility; in house laboratory covering bacteriology and fungal testing as well as a full range of blood testing machines; digital radiological services and ultrasound scanners; full equine theatre including two recovery rooms. All facilities are suitable for pets, horses and farm animals.
As an extra service the centre will have a retail shop where you can buy a range of quality food, diets, supplements, supplies, wormers, etc.

Kenmare Veterinary Centre is the only combined registered Equine hospital and Small animal hospital in the whole south west.

Just give us a call at 064-6642695 (24 hour emergency service)

Please feel free to enquire about all the possibilities we offer. And whenever you feel your animal needs veterinary attention just give us a call. Together we can discuss the situation and decide what’s best.

Please feel free to contact us for any enquiries on 064-6642695 or




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